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This is Nick and he has had a long and difficult journey like most. He succeeded in losing more than 50 pounds and losing 8 inches on his waist at the time of this picture. He continues to lose weight and becoming healthier on his transformation journey.

fitness, charlotte, personal training, weight loss, transformation


This is Kenton a guy with a very busy schedule and family but received great results from our programs. At times he had to work 10 hours days but still showed up to our session because he was dedicated and focused on his health and fitness. He got these results with in a few months and actually won a friendly bet against a friend of his.

fitness, charlotte, personal trainer, weight loss


My experience with Next Level Fitness PT was one of a kind. As a result of the services I received,  I learned the muscle groups which gave me the body that I desired as well as various exercises to target them effectively. I also obtained nutritional instruction which proved to priceless on my journey to better health and living. I couldn't ask for more from a trainer. It was all for a very affordable price, and well worth every dime spent.

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Sterling was the very first client I have ever prepped for a Mens physique competition. The best part of this story is that he placed first in his very first show and qualified to go to nationals which is one step below becoming a pro. He got these results you see above in only 3 1/2 months with hardwork, dedication and consistency.  

charlotte, personal training, weight loss, fitness


Candace was very new to working out and fitness in general. She is a very hard worker and was very dedicated to sticking to the program I set for her. With that being said she was able to lose over 50 lbs in 90 days YES only 3 months.